Welcome… I don’t say that to be cliché, I really mean welcome. This site is designed as a gift to you and my children. For years, I’ve written about my passion for adventure on The Active Explorer but part of the story was missing, emotion. Recently I began adding in that missing piece.

I have a story. I’m a woman on a journey to lead a life of happiness, peace and healing. My past left me scarred and less than whole, but I refused to allow it define my future. That choice didn’t make the journey easy. It’s been imperfect at best, but I start each day grateful for the happiness I enjoy.

I’ve found peace and clarity in my outdoor activities. Thanks to writing about these moments, I’ve found I’m not the only one finding healing in the outdoors. There are a lot of us.

Letters from readers prompted me to launch this site devoted to self-exploration and healing in the outdoors. I realized that hearing the difficulties I’ve faced helped others know that they were not alone.

Most importantly I want to give people hope. I’ve overcome huge challenges and found happiness. The lessons I learned along the way need to be shared. If I can’t help just one person find the joy I have attained, all of my late nights creating this space will be worthwhile.

On this site you will find insight, knowledge, stories of hope and healing, and most importantly, acceptance. My voice is only the beginning. I have invited others to contribute their stories as well. We are all on a lifelong hike that isn’t always perfect, but it can still be happy.

Join us for an Imperfect Hike.

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